You can only love Christmas!! With all the delicious food and time with the family. Christmas Eve we spent with my parents at our place and we cooked all kinds of different things like mini hamburgers ( for me vega burger )  and vegetables from the oven with a few more small dishes. My mom had bought presents for us. Christmas sweaters for everyone and we have to wear it during our annual Christmas breakfast!


The first thing we did yesterday is a quick stop by our new house. We just couldn’t resist it haha. I can not wait to decorate the house and see the end result! After we went by the house we had a little road trip with the doggies to Zeeland to spent the first Christmas Day with Nick’s Family. And of course after all the food we rolled back home haha.


This morning was our annual Christmas breakfast at my parents place. I couldn’t choose between so many things haha.


True brother sister love means wearing the same Christmas sweater haha. He always does this the moment I ask for a picture haha ( look at the pictures above ). Now I am at home with a face mask on just relaxing with a cup of coffee. Tonight we are going out for dinner by brasserie Vincent with my family, the only thing I have to do today is packing a few things for the new house. Hope you guys have an amazing day! Speak you soon. x




Hi you guys. Yesterday I went out for dinner with my parents at Shabu Shabu ( Who doesn’t know the famous all you can eat sushi place ). It was Super fun and I love spending time with them! I can’t remember when was the last time i went out to dinner with my parents. Ok maybe it’s weird but I was super nervous about it because the moments when I have stomach issues I get so insecure. I get the feeling I can get sick or have to go to the toilet every moment. So annoying!! I think I only get rid of it when I just do my normal things and live my life like a normal person. So today I’m going with my mom and niece to the musical : Soof. Pretty excited because my aunt plays in the musical. By the way I’m so gonna mis the elevator selfie’s when we’re moving to our new house haha! But I’ll find some new spots to make pictures in the new house I guess.. I have to get ready, hope you all having a great day! x




Good morning everyone. After my last blogpost i got sick and i’m not feeling that much  better now. The only moment i’ve been out of the house ( beside walking with the doggies ) is going to watch the santa run/ candle evening in the village. Nick had also an appointment with the hairdresser and that’s across from Ultimo Fashion. And yes of course i had to take a look at the new clothes haha. They really did a good job in decorating the streets you’re totally getting in the mood for Christmas! it’s only a week left and I still have to figure out what to give Nick. Anyone tips? Because we don’t have a tree this year we bought a little Christmas flower piece at the market. The only problem I have is finding a place for it because if I look around me the only thing I see are moving boxes haha. But first i’m going to make a cup of tea and maybe some yogurt with some puffed rice and fruit. Hope you’ll having a great day. x




Finally finally finally…  After 2 weeks of being sick and laying in bed all day we went out for some lunch and good coffee. So happy about yesterday and also a little bit proud of myself  because when I have a fall back again with my stomach problems you get scared and then I don’t do the normal stuff any more like go to work or a quick coffee stop or something simple as grocery shopping. So for me a big step yesterday we went to Gouda and as you can see in the pictures above I did choose the salmon salat! It was really delicious. After that we got the most amazing news: We finally got to know when we are getting the keys from our new home!!! I’m not telling when you will see it on the blog very soon. So excited I’m already dreaming about spending time to decorate the whole house.. Now it’s time for my morning coffee have a great day everyone x



Good morning! Okay it’s been a while since I wrote a blog.. But I’m back again. We have been busy with the new house, work and my health because my stomach just won’t act normal.. By the way how amazing looks our Christmas tree? We don’t have a tree this year because we are moving in a few months and everything is already packed haha. So I helped my mom raise their tree. We did it ( for us ) in a record time just 40 minutes haha!! Normally it takes forever. We felt so proud haha and I have to admit it looks pretty awesome to me. Today I have nothing planned because my health won’t allow it. If anybody has some tips for a good Netflix serie that would be great! x


Hi Babes! Nou nu gaat het eindelijk opschieten nog maar een paar maandjes wachten en dan krijgen we de sleutel van ons nieuwe huis! Zo spannend en leuk want nu kan ik eindelijk gaan shoppen na maanden van inspiratie opdoen op Pinterest. Hierboven zie je een paar foto’s van mijn ‘Home inspo’. Ik denk dat iedereen wel kan zien wat voor soort stijltje ik mooi vind. We gaan voor de kleuren wit om het fris te houden, bruin door middel van riet en houten spullen en groen van alle mooie planten die ik het huis ga zetten. Kan nu al niet wachten tot we het allemaal klaar is! Ik hou jullie op de hoogte..   x NZ

Hi Babes! So finally it’s getting close only a few months of waiting and then we are  getting the keys of our new home! So exciting because now I can finally shop after months of looking for inspo on Pinterest. Above you can see a few pictures of my ‘Home inspo’. I think everybody can see which style I love haha! We are going for the colour white to keeping it fresh, brown with the wood colours and green by all the plants I’m going to put everywhere in the house. Can’t wait until it is done! I’ll keep you guys up to date..  x NZ




Hi Guys. Mama was vorige week 50 jaar geworden en normaal gesproken viert ze haar verjaardag niet maar ja je wordt maar 1 keer 50 jaar dus dat moesten we natuurlijk goed vieren! En dat was zeker gelukt, we hadden brasserie Vincent afgehuurd om met alle familie en vrienden het groots te vieren en lekker te eten. Ik wou dat ik kon zeggen dat het allemaal een grote verrassing was voor mama maar helaas blijkt geheimen bewaren toch lastiger te zijn dan we dachten haha. Hierboven zie je nog een paar foto’s van de avond, oh ja en hoe gaaf is mijn outfit – Thanks Ultimo Fashion voor het vinden van de perfecte outfit voor het feest! Al bij al een avond om niet te vergeten! Ik spreek jullie later weer, bye bye!

Hi Guys. My mom’s birthday was last week and she turned 50 years old, normally she doesn’t celebrate it but you only become 50 ones in your life so we had to celebrate it big! And believe me we did we rented Brasserie Vincent for friends and family to eat together and we all loved it and had a great time. I wish I could say it was a big surprise for my mom but keeping secrets turns out to be more difficult then we tought haha. Above you see a few pictures of the evening, oh yeah and how beautiful is my outfit on the pictures – Thanks Ultimo Fashion for finding the perfect outfit for the party. It was a evening to remember! I’ll speak you guys later, bye bye!





Hi Guys, hoe gaat het met jullie? Ik voel me gelukkig weer een stuk fitter na een rustig weekend. Als ik een rustig weekend heb zonder plannen dan vind ik het heerlijk om de hele dag in de keuken te staan en dingen te bakken. En gisteren was inderdaad zo’n dag ik had een heerlijke bananen brood gemaakt met bovenop verschillende soorten noten en wat pure chocolade om het af te maken. Ik gebruik chocolade haast bij elk bak gerecht zo lekker verslavend haha..  Vanavond is het feest want vieren we met familie en vrienden mijn mama 50e verjaardag! Nu al super veel zin in, ik ga foto’s maken die ik natuurlijk deze week met jullie ga delen. Ik ga me klaar maken want loop de hele tijd al in mijn sportkleding rond haha, Bye bye ❤

Hi Guys, How are you? I’m feeling great again after a relaxing weekend. When I have a easy weekend without plans I love to bake new things all day long. And yesterday was a bake day, I did make a banana bread with a different kind of nuts and to finish it off I used some 90% chocolate on top! I think by almost every baking dish I use chocolate, a real addiction haha. Oh yeah tonight it’s a big night because were celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday! I’m allready excited, I’m going to take lots of pictures to share with you guys later this week. I have to go because I’m still walking in my sportswear all day long haha, Bye bye ❤


Hi Guys! Zo we zijn nu alweer haast een weekje terug thuis maar omdat we zoveel foto’s hebben gemaakt hier de leukste foto’s van de 2 weken in Spanje.

Hi Guys! So we’re almost a week home now, but because I have so much photo’s from the vacation I’ll show you guys the highlights from the last two weeks.686001ED-E92E-43E9-8A3B-74DDE52B7C27746F3DCF-67BF-4172-B1C5-26326DFD90BDB62C81D5-E3DC-401D-AE9D-571D7B7A5356299A3AF6-442F-4317-B4B0-6463853C52E0

Natuurlijk was een van de hoogte punten de waterval bezoeken! Al hoewel het water super koud was is het zeker de moeite waard geweest.

one of our highlights this vacation was the waterfall! It was so beautiful and however the water was really cold it was definitely worth it!


Overdag met de hondjes veel gelopen maar ook lekker van het zonnetje genoten. En niet te vergeten samen lekker uiteten geweest om te vieren dat we al 5 jaartjes bij elkaar zijn ❤

During the day we walked a lot with the doggies and enjoyed the sun. And not to forget we went to dinner together to celebrate our 5th year anniversary ❤



En dan hebben we nog alle restaurantjes waar we natuurlijk veelste veel hebben gegeten. Vooral de ontbijttentjes waren mijn favoriet. Verse smoothies, yoghurt met home made granola en fruit! Nu ga ik verder met de voorbereidingen voor mijn mama’s verjaardagsfeest want die is afgelopen donderdag 50 jaar geworden. Dus dat gaan we natuurlijk groots vieren!! Spreek jullie snel weer. Bye bye

And then we have all the restaurants where we went and eat way to much. Especially the breakfast places where my favorite. Fresh smoothies, yoghurt with home made granola and fruit! Now were back home and planning my mothers birthday party she became 50 last Thursday. So that is one thing we have so celebrate big of course!! I’ll speak you guys  soon. Bye bye



Hi Babes! Ok ik heb serieus geen stem meer over van het schreeuwen tijdens het jetski ritje haha. Oh ja en niet te vergeten spierpijn in mijn armen en benen van het krampachtig vast houden. En geloof me ik moest me wel goed vasthouden anders had ik er zeker 100 keer van af gevallen. Maar ben zo blij dat we dit hebben gedaan want het was onwijs gaaf! Wij gaan eens bedenken wat we vandaag nog meer gaan doen spreek jullie snel weer! ❤

Hi Babes! Ok I seriously lost my voice because from all the screaming during the jetski ride haha. Oh and not to forget muscle pain in my arms and legs because I had to hold on so tight and believe me I had to otherwise I fell off the jetski at least a 100 times! But I’m glad we did this it was so much fun! Now we have to think about what else to do today, speak you guys later! ❤