So yesterday was indeed a really relaxing day just no plans and sitting in the sun drinking coffee! We did a long walk with the doggies they loved it. We found a new place to walk with the doggies and it’s perfect very quiet so they can run around and we don’t have to be afraid that they suddenly go after other dogs. I have not that many plans for today only this afternoon Nick’s family comes by to check on our new house. One more excited thing this week the weather will finally be good again. Almost 22 degrees happy me over here haha! I’m off again making the house ready to shine for the family. x




Goodmorning everybody! Today I have finally a relaxing day with no plans! Maybe we’re going for some lunch or coffee today but we will see.  Lately I have been searching for some holiday destinations, there are so many nice places. Does anybody have some tips which places we just have to visit? Our preference go’s to the sun because after a winter like this we can certainly use some sun haha. That why I got a throwback with a the Italian pictures above. We had an amazing time there just road tripping through Italy and see al the nice places and off course tasting all the good food. Oh yeah almost forgot today I am gonna search for a more natural skin care products because that’s always a struggle for me with my skin. But I will tell you guys soon more about it. Have a great Saturday I’m going for my second coffee now! x



Hello guys. Yeah this is how they looked at me when I said I’m going to make a apple pie haha. I love baking and especially sweet things like muffins, banana bread, cake and apple pie. Maybe this doesn’t surprise you guys but I am a big fan of sweets haha!


First I went for a walk with the doggies. They didn’t like it because of the rain hehe. After I started making the apple pie, I divided it over 5 baking molds. The reason why I use small cups is that my dad is really bad at  sharing apple pie! He just loves all the sweet food and can’t stop eating. So that’s why I’m making ‘normal portions’ haha.


In the afternoon I went for a quick stop by our new house. It’s almost done and we can’t wait..


Last week we looked at the last details before they start with everything in a few weeks. And of course I had to change something like every week haha. But this is really smart with the doggies. Look at the picture above, a little shower and totally loving the colour and that cute light above the sink. Believe me they are not going to love this thing at all.  Speak you guys soon. x



Packing is always a big deal for Yara she gets a feeling that we are going to leave here behind. So every time she figures out a plan that she can hide in my bag haha! But yeah when we dropped them off at my parents and we we’re ready to go for Maastricht.

Two hour road trip to Maastricht and of course we had to take a Frappuccino and yes I know it’s not even 10 degrees outside but who cares I love it !!


Still feeling the Christmas spirit after arriving in Maastricht. Every where we looked they decorated it with lights it was so beautiful to see! So we decided to go to the Christmas market in the city. It was so much fun and after that we had some coffee. Just sitting there and watching people is so much fun who else does that sometimes??


This morning we got breakfast delivered at our door in an old suitcase. Everything was in it like warm croissants, fruit with some yogurt and fresh bread with some cheese. So delicious and I was sooo hungry after walking that many km’s yesterday haha. After breakfast and leaving the hotel we went for yes another coffee/ breakfast place to drink some coffee and yeah eat something haha. Cappuchino with some banana bread and that was a good one believe me. After that we took some pictures and then it was time to go home again. Back to the doggies! Hope you too did enjoy these days of 2018 if not you still have tomorrow! x




Good morning everyone. After my last blogpost i got sick and i’m not feeling that much  better now. The only moment i’ve been out of the house ( beside walking with the doggies ) is going to watch the santa run/ candle evening in the village. Nick had also an appointment with the hairdresser and that’s across from Ultimo Fashion. And yes of course i had to take a look at the new clothes haha. They really did a good job in decorating the streets you’re totally getting in the mood for Christmas! it’s only a week left and I still have to figure out what to give Nick. Anyone tips? Because we don’t have a tree this year we bought a little Christmas flower piece at the market. The only problem I have is finding a place for it because if I look around me the only thing I see are moving boxes haha. But first i’m going to make a cup of tea and maybe some yogurt with some puffed rice and fruit. Hope you’ll having a great day. x



Good morning! Okay it’s been a while since I wrote a blog.. But I’m back again. We have been busy with the new house, work and my health because my stomach just won’t act normal.. By the way how amazing looks our Christmas tree? We don’t have a tree this year because we are moving in a few months and everything is already packed haha. So I helped my mom raise their tree. We did it ( for us ) in a record time just 40 minutes haha!! Normally it takes forever. We felt so proud haha and I have to admit it looks pretty awesome to me. Today I have nothing planned because my health won’t allow it. If anybody has some tips for a good Netflix serie that would be great! x


Hi Babes! Nou nu gaat het eindelijk opschieten nog maar een paar maandjes wachten en dan krijgen we de sleutel van ons nieuwe huis! Zo spannend en leuk want nu kan ik eindelijk gaan shoppen na maanden van inspiratie opdoen op Pinterest. Hierboven zie je een paar foto’s van mijn ‘Home inspo’. Ik denk dat iedereen wel kan zien wat voor soort stijltje ik mooi vind. We gaan voor de kleuren wit om het fris te houden, bruin door middel van riet en houten spullen en groen van alle mooie planten die ik het huis ga zetten. Kan nu al niet wachten tot we het allemaal klaar is! Ik hou jullie op de hoogte..   x NZ

Hi Babes! So finally it’s getting close only a few months of waiting and then we are  getting the keys of our new home! So exciting because now I can finally shop after months of looking for inspo on Pinterest. Above you can see a few pictures of my ‘Home inspo’. I think everybody can see which style I love haha! We are going for the colour white to keeping it fresh, brown with the wood colours and green by all the plants I’m going to put everywhere in the house. Can’t wait until it is done! I’ll keep you guys up to date..  x NZ






Hi Guys, hoe gaat het met jullie? Ik voel me gelukkig weer een stuk fitter na een rustig weekend. Als ik een rustig weekend heb zonder plannen dan vind ik het heerlijk om de hele dag in de keuken te staan en dingen te bakken. En gisteren was inderdaad zo’n dag ik had een heerlijke bananen brood gemaakt met bovenop verschillende soorten noten en wat pure chocolade om het af te maken. Ik gebruik chocolade haast bij elk bak gerecht zo lekker verslavend haha..  Vanavond is het feest want vieren we met familie en vrienden mijn mama 50e verjaardag! Nu al super veel zin in, ik ga foto’s maken die ik natuurlijk deze week met jullie ga delen. Ik ga me klaar maken want loop de hele tijd al in mijn sportkleding rond haha, Bye bye ❤

Hi Guys, How are you? I’m feeling great again after a relaxing weekend. When I have a easy weekend without plans I love to bake new things all day long. And yesterday was a bake day, I did make a banana bread with a different kind of nuts and to finish it off I used some 90% chocolate on top! I think by almost every baking dish I use chocolate, a real addiction haha. Oh yeah tonight it’s a big night because were celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday! I’m allready excited, I’m going to take lots of pictures to share with you guys later this week. I have to go because I’m still walking in my sportswear all day long haha, Bye bye ❤

Easter Brunch


Hi Babes! Iedereen nog een heel fijn paasweekend! Vandaag had ik een paasbrunch gemaakt met daarbij een smoothie bowl met spinazie, ananas, mango, yoghurt en water met daaroverheen zelf gemaakte granola ( echt een aanrader het is zoveel lekkerder om het zelf te maken ) We hadden ook een gezondere versie van een chocolade twister gemaakt en niet te vergeten een lekker bordje fruit. Ik hou van een relaxte zondag waarbij niks hoeft en je alleen maar de tafel mooi kan dekken met allemaal zelfgemaakt eten. Hopelijk hebben jullie ook allemaal een fijne zondag gehad. Oh ja en vandaag ook de woonkamer weer opnieuw ingedeeld haha dat is bij mij toch altijd een dingetje eigenlijk doe ik dat eens in de zoveel tijd nu ik er over na denk. Nu zijn we aan het genieten van een bakje koffie tijdens een nieuwe serie The good doctor. Spreek jullie snel weer ❤

*Hi Babes! Happy easter weekend to everybody! Today I made a easter brunch with a lot of home made food. First a smoothie bowl with spinach, pineapple, mango, yoghurt and water and on top home made granola ( Believe me its really so much better to make it yourself ) We had also made a healthier variant of a chocolate twister and not to forget a plate with fresh fruit. I love a relaxed Sunday at home when you can put a table full of food and you can enjoy it the whole day long! Hope you all had a nice Sunday. Oh yeah not to forget today I reorganized the living room again haha it’s something I always do ones in a while. Now were just enjoying a coffee and a new serie : The good doctor. Talk to you guys later ❤

Weekly snapshots #1


Heey Babes. Hoe is het met jullie? Afgelopen week heb ik de camera niet veel gebruikt dus laat ik jullie de foto’s zien die ik met mijn iPhone heb gemaakt. Woensdag hebben we eindelijk ons nieuwe servies gekocht voor het nieuwe huis en natuurlijk een bloemetje en cadeautje voor de verjaardag van Esther gehaald waar we s’avonds naartoe gingen!

*Heey Babes. How are you guys? Last week I haven’t use my camera so I’ll show you photo’s that I’ve made with my iPhone. Wednesday we finally bought our new tableware for our new home and of course a nice flower bouquet and present for Esther’s Bday where we went in the evening!


Mylo achter het stuur haha, onderweg ook nog even gestopt bij de Starbucks en Nick verraste me met mijn favoriet een skinny frappuccino!

*Mylo behind the wheel haha and a little stop by the Starbucks Nick surprised me with my favorite drink a Skinny frappuchino!


En natuurlijk stond de dag erna een bikkel training thuis op het programma.

*The day after I planned a really good workout at home.


Zaterdag nog snel even voor een koffietje gegaan voor Nick alweer weg ging voor zijn trainingskamp naar Spanje.

*Saturday we went for a quick coffee before Nick was heading for the airport to go for a trainingscamp in Spain.


Ohja en niet te vergeten het was echt bizar koud zo blij dat de temperatuur weer boven de nul is Brrrr!! Klaar voor een nieuwe week die ik dalijk begin met een training van Power and Shape. Bye bye ❤

*Oh and not to forget it was soooo cold te last week and I’m so happy that the temparature is above the zero again Brrrr!! I’m ready for a new week which I will start with a workout from Power and Shape. Bye bye ❤