Good morning guys! How are you? I feel great, I can finally show you the living room we’ve been working on. It took over 2 months but it’s finally done only a few details but who cares we are really loving it! It’s the exact style we wanted I got so happy when it arrived. I think it’s my new favorite spot in the house it’s so cozy at night sitting next to the fireplace, watching tv with the doggies. If you look at the pictures you see that Mylo is really loving it haha lazy dog. For today I have nothing really planned, I was thinking about doing a quick workout that would be the first time in our home gym so yeah that will be fun! Would you guys like a video of my home workout? Lately I have been thinking to film about making my recipes and doing my home workouts. Let me know what you guys think about that! I have to go there is a smoothie bowl waiting for me haha. x




Here are the first real pictures of our new dream house. The kitchen is the best part of the house! I love it when Nick is cooking and I can sit right next to him write my blog/ talk to each other or watch tv together haha! We had ideas in our head of how we wanted it but in real life it’s so much better then we thought. This week they are still working on the final details and then it’s finally done. And I am so proud of how it all comes together at the end. Can not wait to show you guys more soon. Now I am off to the gym with my mom! Wish me good luck because I still have muscle pain from last time haha. x



A little sneak peak of our new home before I show you guys everything. Just to be honest haha it’s a mess and I really need to clean it so that’s why I won’t show it now. Still looking for the best spots for everything like accessories and some furniture. I am so happy how it all comes together now, and how amazing is this flower piece? Show you guys more soon. I have to make some dinner now tomorrow new day and that means a new blogpost. Yeah I am back on the blog finally missed it!  Have a great night guys! x



You can only love Christmas!! With all the delicious food and time with the family. Christmas Eve we spent with my parents at our place and we cooked all kinds of different things like mini hamburgers ( for me vega burger )  and vegetables from the oven with a few more small dishes. My mom had bought presents for us. Christmas sweaters for everyone and we have to wear it during our annual Christmas breakfast!


The first thing we did yesterday is a quick stop by our new house. We just couldn’t resist it haha. I can not wait to decorate the house and see the end result! After we went by the house we had a little road trip with the doggies to Zeeland to spent the first Christmas Day with Nick’s Family. And of course after all the food we rolled back home haha.


This morning was our annual Christmas breakfast at my parents place. I couldn’t choose between so many things haha.


True brother sister love means wearing the same Christmas sweater haha. He always does this the moment I ask for a picture haha ( look at the pictures above ). Now I am at home with a face mask on just relaxing with a cup of coffee. Tonight we are going out for dinner by brasserie Vincent with my family, the only thing I have to do today is packing a few things for the new house. Hope you guys have an amazing day! Speak you soon. x