Good morning guys, yeah finally weekend! Hope you all have some good plans for the weekend. Today I have to go to work and after that we are going to my parents for some sushi! Tomorrow I have something excited planned, building our home gym!!!! Can not wait untill it’s ready and of course I will show it to you. What is also really excited, Monday will our tv cabinet arrive. The photos above where taken this week when we went for lunch in Gouda with Nick, my little brother and my mom. It was a while ago since we went somewhere for lunch. And it was a must because this was the last sunny day this week before the rain arrived. So we had no choice but to enjoy some food in the sun haha. I have to go make ready for work I will speak you guys later. Have a amazing Saturday! x




Hey everybody and Hey 2019! I’m so excited for this year. I love a fresh start and what that means for me is reflecting over my life the last year learning, do better and set new goals. Above you see some pictures not that much because I wanted to spent more time with the family so I put the camera a bit more away. Normally on 1th January my mom is organizing a New Years brunch. But my mom had gone through her back and couldn’t move or do anything so the brunch was cancelled. So we ended up on the couch with all the food that was left and watch a movie haha. Today I have not that much planned so I’m going for my second cup off coffee. x