Good morning guys! It’s been a while so here’s a little update about the last few weeks. Last Friday was the best because it was my dad’s 52th birthday. And the week before that he was saying to everyone yeah Friday is my birthday so I want to celebrate it big time! So yes I think you can guess what we did haha we hired a Spiderman to come and sing for him and in the store every where you looked where funny pictures of him with the text RON 65th birthday haha he got lot’s of comments about the age! I think it was a pretty awesome day.


So yes summer finally arrived and because of that we ordered a beach umbrella. And it came just in time. Happy me now we can sit outside when the sun is way to bright!!


Yesterday we went to Gouda for a real good ice cream, I’m addicted to yoghurt ice cream I think that’s the best so guess which flavor I took. Tropical yoghurt with little pieces mango in it delicious!! Today we got a few appointments and after that we’re going to visit my grandma and granddad. They are loving our home made banana bread so this morning I baked some for them. Hope they like it, I have to go I will speak you guys soon! Enjoy your day. x

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