Packing is always a big deal for Yara she gets a feeling that we are going to leave here behind. So every time she figures out a plan that she can hide in my bag haha! But yeah when we dropped them off at my parents and we we’re ready to go for Maastricht.

Two hour road trip to Maastricht and of course we had to take a Frappuccino and yes I know it’s not even 10 degrees outside but who cares I love it !!


Still feeling the Christmas spirit after arriving in Maastricht. Every where we looked they decorated it with lights it was so beautiful to see! So we decided to go to the Christmas market in the city. It was so much fun and after that we had some coffee. Just sitting there and watching people is so much fun who else does that sometimes??


This morning we got breakfast delivered at our door in an old suitcase. Everything was in it like warm croissants, fruit with some yogurt and fresh bread with some cheese. So delicious and I was sooo hungry after walking that many km’s yesterday haha. After breakfast and leaving the hotel we went for yes another coffee/ breakfast place to drink some coffee and yeah eat something haha. Cappuchino with some banana bread and that was a good one believe me. After that we took some pictures and then it was time to go home again. Back to the doggies! Hope you too did enjoy these days of 2018 if not you still have tomorrow! x

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